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Owner, occupant, or persons in charge of any building, structure, or lot in the Village of Hales Corners shall clear snow and ice from front or adjoining sidewalks by noon each day.  If ice cannot be removed, it shall be sprinkled with sawdust, sand, or other suitable substance.  No person shall plow, shovel, or dump snow from any sidewalk, driveway, or parkway onto or across a public street, alley or sidewalk.

Municipal ordinance prohibits the plowing or blowing of snow onto public streets.  Frequently, this snow results in unexpected bumps or ice spots.  In addition, snow pushed across streets and dumped into roadside swales and ditches can obstruct the natural drainage flow causing ponding and possible street flooding.  Snow should be plowed in along both sides of the driveway.  Each property owner’s compliance in this matter will make Village roads safer and keep drainage ways open.

 Snow Removal Muni Code Sec. 12.07

 Wis Stat 893.80

 Wis Stat 893.83