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Village residents and businesses are served with potable water from three different sources.  Depending on your location in the Village, your water source may be an individual private well, a private community well, or public watermains owned, operated, and maintained by the Milwaukee Water Works.

Private wells are not regulated by the Village.  For private well information or abandonment, contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at 263-8500.

With very few exceptions, all residences and businesses are connected to the local sanitary sewer.  Sewage flows from this local system into large interceptor sewers.  The interceptors then convey the sewage to the South Shore Treatment Facility, which is owned, operated, and maintained by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD).

In general, residential sewer charges are billed annually and appear on the property owner's real estate tax bill. 

If you experience a sewer backup, immediately contact the Hales Corners Department of Public Works at 529-6161.  If a backup occurs during non-business hours, call the Hales Corners Police Department at 529-6140.

 MMSD Pipe Check Program