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Residents in Hales Corners take great pride in their community and environment.  Comprehensive State Recycling laws were enacted in 1994 requiring residents to recycle. 

GFL Environmental collects recyclables on a bi-weekly basis. GFL Environmental has exclusive control over recyclables placed curbside under Village Ordinance.  Scavengers will be prosecuted under Section 14.23 of the Village Code.

Plastics #1-7, PS foam packaging, glass bottles, glass jars, and steel, tin or aluminum cans, newspaper, magazines, phone books, junk mail, mixed paper and cardboard should be placed in the 95-gallon carts.  Rinse out all containers.  Flatten cans and plastic bottles.  All caps and lids should be discarded with your trash.

DO NOT RECYCLE: plastic bags, aluminum foil, packing material, motor oil containers, frozen food boxes, and any other paper product that has been soiled with food such as paper plates or pizza boxes. 

If you have recycling questions, please contact GFL Environmental at (262) 679-0860.