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Operator (bartender) licenses are required for individuals who serve or sell alcoholic beverages at licensed establishments.  Applicants must be at least 18-years-old, hold a valid Wisconsin Driver's License/ I.D. and must have completed a responsible beverage training course recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue in the last two years.  License operators not only include traditional “bartenders”, but also wait staff and individuals who sell liquor or beer at licensed stores.  Operator licenses are valid for two-year cycles, expiring on June 30 of even-numbered years, and cost $65.00. Operator license applicants are subject to a police background check.  These licenses must be approved by the Village Board at a regular Board of Trustees meeting. All applications require a 15 day holding period from the day the application is submitted before the license is approved.

A Temporary Operators License is only issued to an individual serving/ selling alcoholic beverages at a non-profit event lasting no longer than 1-14 days. Please see municipal ordinance below.

Click below to download an application form.

 ORD 16-16 Temporary Operators License

 Operators License Application