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Hales Corners Health Department

The mission of the Hales Corners Health Department is to improve and protect the health of the community, assure optimum health and wellness, prevent disease, injury and disability, and prepare for new health threats.

To create an environment dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of all members of the community through services based on education, promotion, prevention and preparedness.

In 2020, The Health Department began the process of a creating a “Community Health Assessment” (CHA) by gathering information from Residents of Hales Corners. Based on feedback from the community, our next step was to meet with residents to discuss the data provided; The intention was to help brainstorm the development of an improvement plan for each area of concern which was a success! The residents were able to help us to come up with different ideas for activities, programs and events can be created for Hales Corners, by working together in the following focus groups:

 Healthy Aging
Improving Emotional Well-Being
Promoting Healthy
Behaviors to Prevent Chronic Disease
Safe and Strong Community

 We look forward to continuing to find ways to serve our residents in our community!
To view Hale & Hearty, our community health improvement plan, click HERE.  
Want to see what the Health department was up to in 2023?
 Click HERE to take a peek our 2023 ANNUAL REPORT! 

Paper copies are available at the Health Department! 

 Healthy Happenings


The goal of public health is to promote the highest level of well-being for all groups of people in the community.  The work of the Hales Corners Health Department is based on preventing or reducing health problems and promoting optimum health for individuals, families, and the community.  This is done by encouraging healthy behaviors, preventing epidemics and disease spread, protecting against environmental hazards, responding to disasters and assisting in recovery, assuring access to health services, and educating the community about new and emerging health threats.

The Hales Corners Board of Health is comprised of five voting members, and one ex-officio member.  Board of Health meetings are held quarterly.  Current Board of Health members are Jillian Theobald, MD, Bette Schubert, RN, Dennis Garvin, ANP, Mary Bennett, Village Trustee, and Mike Jansen, citizen member.  Shawna Gabriel, Health Officer, is an ex-officio member of the Board of Health.

Click on Departments & Services above and hover over Health Department for information on Health Department services, a variety of health topics, and information and application forms for licenses issued through the Health Department.

The Hales Corners Health Department can be reached by calling 414-529-6155 during normal business hours.  If you are a physician, hospital, or public health agency calling after hours with a condition of urgent public health importance, please contact the Hales Corners Police Department at 529-6140 and your call will be forwarded to a Health Department official.    

Shawna Gabriel R.N., BSN
Health Officer
Phone: 414-529-6155
Fax: 414-529-6157